Broadstone barren of bins 

Residents of the Broadstone area around Constitution Hill are unhappy with the rubbish gathering around the entrance to TU Dublin’s East Quad campus.  

Litter Situation near Broadstone Luas Stop (Photo Courtesy of David Little)

“This area is under the management of Dublin City Council (DCC), and so it is outside the remit of both the University and the Grangegorman Development Agency,” a TU Dublin spokesperson told The Liberty. 

“On the last update, DCC was undertaking a survey of the broader area to assess exactly what is needed and hopefully, we will be provided with a further update shortly,” she added. 

Although the University has limited options in dealing with the waste, a volunteer group has been set up to try to clear up the area. 

“The TU Dublin Student Volunteering Group has started a monthly clean-up of Broadstone and Grangegorman Lower” – the first clean-up happened in early October – “and hopefully this should help mitigate the issue,” the spokesperson added. 

This area by the Broadstone Luas stop, has been subject to littering. The nearest bins are across the Luas track.

Local Darcy Bowman tweeted in late September about the litter.