Blackpitt’s mosque granted planning permission for redevelopment

Blackpitts Mosque near Warrenmount Primary School has been granted planning permission to redevelop its existing site despite an appeal from the school. 

The existing mosque sits in an old warehouse and has operated as a mosque and community centre for Muslims since 1992.  The plans will see the building knocked down and replaced by a new taller building to include apartments as well as a mosque.

An appeal brought by the board of management of Warrenmount Primary School raised the issue of traffic congestion and illegal parking in the area.   

The appeal also mentioned the negative impact on the school’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Unit, which would “impact children with sensory needs”. The appeal was supported by documentation from the National Educational Psychological Service, Primary Care Psychological Service, and a parent.

A photo of the current Mosque Photo: David Seagrave.

The appeal also said the new height for the building – up to 23m – was “inappropriate”.  

An inspector’s report from An Bord Pléanala, however, supported the plan and noted that its impact on traffic should be limited: “the proposal does not provide for resident or Mosque car parking and is located in an Inner-City location proximate to good public transport options and other benefits and amenities of such a central location.” 

The report also states: “Friday is the main day [which people would attend the mosque] with approximately 500 people attending the facility on that day. On other times and days there would be approximately 20 people; it is expected 90% of persons using the premises are local and would walk to the premises.”  

The report also added that “car users would be expected to avail of pay and display parking in the area” with car-parking restricted otherwise. 

The building was designed by JFOC Architects

Blackpitts Mosque hit the news last year after many people were seen leaving the building while Level 5 COVID-19 restrictions were in place. These restrictions stipulated that places of worship remain would be open for private prayer and that all religious services were to be held online. 

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