‘The sham of this decision’

The Digital Hub, home to technology companies since 2003, is to be shut down and the space re-developed into social and affordable housing.  The Liberty heard about the disappointment in James’s Street.

The Government announced in late April that it is dissolving the Digital Hub Development Agency (DHDA) – with the Liberties space for tech companies to be wound down over the next 14 months to make room for housing.

Stephen Coyne of Dublin City Council, who coordinates regeneration in the Liberties, took to Twitter to share his frustration at what he called “the sham of this decision. Deprives The Liberties of a valuable economic engine and business spaces.” 

The DHDA had previously stated it was struggling through the pandemic, needing emergency funding. However, it was not consulted before the decision was made by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications to transfer its ownership fully to the Land Development Agency. 

“We are all deeply disappointed by the Government’s decision. Since its opening in 2003, the Digital Hub has achieved milestones every year. Our ambition was to build an enterprise focused on e-health, climate action and economic challenges. It was shared by the Dublin 8 community,” said the marketing and communications manager at the Digital Hub.

In his Twitter thread, Coyne argued that the area is already dense with social housing, and the decision could well mean the loss of the “unique and architecturally special” collection of buildings. 

‘’We are all deeply disappointed by the Government’s decision.’’ 


Pre-pandemic, 70% of the Digital Hub’s income covered by rents received from client companies. 

The Digital Hub also ran education and training programmes for local people, including schoolchildren and senior citizens.

Over the last 18 years, it wa a base for 400 companies with more than 2,000 employees, and supported by companies such as Stripe, Amazon, Havok and Slack. 

Some 31 companies are currently at the Digital Hub. 

Photo courtesy of The Digital Hub

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