Keep on truckin’

Food trucks have been part of the urban experience of the pandemic, bringing a new aspect to takeaway food. And now they’re popping out all over Ireland. The Liberty spoke to the owner of a brand new mobile cafe.

There’s more to outdoor dining than beer gardens and street cafes.

In its most recent announcement, the Government said outdoor dining would be available to a maximum of 15 people per restaurant from June 7th

Approximately 70% of outdoor restaurants do not have outdoor dining facilities, or beer gardens, nor can they make space for it, the Irish Times has reported.

It’s no wonder food trucks are catching on. Start-up costs are much lower than conventional restaurants and other types of hospitality, and diners look after their own seating arrangements.

Trucks can stay open and move from place to place to find business.

They are now becoming more popular wherever you go as the pandemic wears on, and people are starting to rely on them instead of restaurants. They have become a new alternative to eating out, as we don’t know when normality will return again.

It isn’t just in cities. In the South Kerry area alone, there have been two new coffee trucks and five new food trucks in the last three months. 

‘’We hope we can bring business to each other.’’ 


In some cases, restaurants have begun to invest in takeaway trucks; others are ‘pure’ start-ups. Either way, they have a business than can be moved around scenic routes and near tourist spots for the ‘staycation’ summer that awaits us. 

Eoin O’Sullivan and Ciaran Keating from Portmagee, Co Kerry, have invested in a coffee van called WildWayCoffee and have been open just a week. 

“We have parked the truck near Cable & Co, a food truck. They have done so well since opening last year. We hope we can bring business to each other. They have been so supportive towards us,” O’Sullivan said.

They opened in time for a bright May Day Bank Holiday. “It’s been so nice seeing the number of people that have turned up this weekend.”

May be an image of one or more people and outdoors
Photo courtesy of WildWayCoffee

“It’s so nice seeing people from the community supporting a new business, and coming together in doing so. I wish the two lovely lads the very best,” said Eileen McIntyre a local resident.

While public health is obviously the number one priority, a new business starting up brings its own flavour of hope as we come out of Covid. 

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