Cutting back on plastic in the Liberties

Various businesses in the area tell the Liberty how they are reducing their use of unnecessary plastics.  

 “We in the Guinness Storehouse are and will continue to work on reducing the amount of plastic that we use in our operations and products,” spokesperson Eileen Dunne says.  

“For all liquid dispensing units there are only biodegradable vessels available for use or team members are encouraged to have their own personal mugs. Any cups we use can be put in the brown bin,” she adds. 

Dunne says the Guinness Storehouse offers re-useable bags to customers and re-uses any bubble wrap that comes with their packaged deliveries/orders. It also enforces strict recycling protocols with posters all over the building to remind the workers and customers to recycle. 

“I think there is always room for improvement and we consistently work with and challenge ourselves, our team and our suppliers to aim towards further reductions or elimination of the use of plastic where possible,” she says.

Thomas street in Dublin 8 Image source: The Liberties Dublin

“Eventually I plan to source a paper substitute for bubble wrap,” says Brian Meehan of clothing shop Misslibo on Meath Street. In the meantime, he says, they re-use bubble wrap for other purposes in-store.

“More and more of my suppliers are using bags from recyclable and recycled material,” says Rosemary Murphy of knitting-supply-shop The Constant Knitter on Francis Street. She says that the world is heading in the right direction. “Whether recycled or not, we use the bags over and over again till they fall apart,” she adds. 

“Our shop bags are paper only – no plastic of any kind and so no fee,” Murphy says. “We are making a huge effort to only buy recycled, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.” 

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