New housing at Teresa’s Gardens moves ahead

On March 4th, the Land Development Agency (LDA) announced plans to develop new sustainable and affordable housing on the site of St Theresa’s Gardens at Donore Avenue.

The Donore Project, being launched in collaboration with Dublin City Council, aims to provide affordable housing in the Liberties.

Plans for St. Teresa’s Gardens, courtesy of The Donore Project.

The plan is for up to 700 new homes as well as green areas.

It will also provide recreational sites for the future residents, such as full size playing pitch and changing facilities, a 700m2 playground, a new ‘Central Square’ public open space and a large play park. Retail, cafes and child minding facilities will also be developed in the area.

More plans for the Donore Project, courtesy of the Land Development Agency.

It is estimated that 70% of the houses will be cost-rental and 30% will become social housing, with the plans having been developed in conjunction with local residents.

According to the Donore Project website, construction is set to begin in 2023.
Residents who would like to get involved with the project have been advised to contact LDA’s appointed community liaison officer at (01) 410 1723, or fill in the survey on the website.

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