Woodies Christmas ad takes place in Dublin 8

he heartwarming Christmas advertisement by Irish owned DIY store Woodies was filmed on Ebenezer Terrace in Dublin 8. 

The ad starts off with a woman, Mrs Higgins, leaving her house with her dog. She instantly greets her neighbours. We then see for the first time Mrs Higgins struggling with her gate.  

Mrs Higgins is well known in the area, with many people greeting her hello when she is going about her day.  

It is clear that the broken gate in her front garden bothers her greatly, as it is difficult to open, whether it’s when she’s leaving her house, cleaning her garden from leafs and even in the snow.  

She returns home one day to see that her broken gate has been fixed and she doesn’t know by who. We then see across the street, her neighbour, holding a woodies bag filled with the supplies he used to fix her gate after he spotted her struggling with it.  

He then says, “Happy Christmas Mrs Higgins”. This was his way of showing his appreciation to Mrs Higgins, while also showing the sense of community they have.  

If there was ever a Christmas to look out for each other, this is the one. We are delighted to share our Christmas ad which tells the story of how a simple act of home making becomes a beautiful act of kindness,” says Woodies on their official Twitter. 

Many viewers took to Twitter to express their feelings towards the ad. 

Others have expressed how emotional they felt while watching the ad. One wrote “unexpected experience of 2020: a gate hinge made me cry”, while another wrote “the Woodies ad just keeps getting me. This year has showed the importance of looking out for each other”.