Kitchen on wheels

From takeaway espresso martinis, to Only Pans Instagram segments and now the Sambulance Ambulance, DJ and chef, Marcus O’Laoire, shows his innovation and creativity during the current pandemic.

As restrictions tightened to Level 5 at the beginning of November, local restaurants and businesses had to adapt in order to stay afloat. O’Laoire, who is the owner of Anti Social bar on Francis Street, in Dublin 8, has made the executive decision to convert an old ambulance into a food truck, calling it “The Sambo Ambo”. The truck has been serving a range of delicious sandwiches around the city.

The idea of a food truck has been in the works since June, this year and it was finally ready to be on the road just when the country was forced into lockdown once again. Recycling an old ambulance, O’Laoire takes to Instagram to post an update about the “Sambulance Ambulance”.

“I know I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently, but hey, it’s 2020 and things move a little funky sometimes, but they get there eventually!,” O’Laoire wrote on his Instagram.

“We have just finished fitting out our kitchen and it’s an absolute beaut. Our opening menu is ready to go and we’re gonna be able to tell you where you can get your hands on our first batch of sambos in the next few days”.

Starting off its opening week in the heart of the Liberties, O’Laoire and his chef perfected their menu and served up delicious sandwiches just outside Anti Social.

Adapting to the restrictions has been tough for every business owner as the pandemic has really affected the way people live their lives. This is a prime example of how well people have adjusted and for a successful DJ to be so innovative is inspiring to many.

Anti Social has now partnered up with Deliveroo to bring cocktails to customers around the city. O’Laoire has also taken another passion of his on social media and posts regular cooking tutorials called, “Only Pans”, to ensure that those at home are well fed.

The menu for the truck has been tested and modified for months leading up to the opening week, ensuring that it’s perfect. Steven Duffy, partner and chef, spins around Dublin with the DJ, with music blaring in their “kitchen on wheels” to provide good food and vibes, while spreading positivity
to all.

“After months of no gigs and massive uncertainty about everything I’ve been working towards for the last few years and generally feeling a bit hopeless, seeing this truck parked outside Antisocial has genuinely made me feel like the world is okay and that things are looking up a bit,” confessed O’Laoire.

“Seeing my food truck parked outside my pub feels pretty great, and it’s a reminder that hard work does yield results. I cannot wait to sling some goodness out of that hatch.”

Be sure to look out for the big orange Sambulance Ambulance in your local area and follow @thesamboambo on Instagram for updates.