What Bus Connects Draft Report Means For D8

Bus Connects has just published a draft report that will affect the flow of public transport traffic through Cork Street, Patrick Street and up to Christchurch Cathedral in the heart of The Liberties. 

The section of the report that covers the Dublin 8 area on the Bus Connects draft was for the Greenhills to City Centre route on the preferred route options. The areas the report will impact upon will be mainly Cork Street and Patrick Street, until the traffic merges with the city centre traffic system. 

According to the report, the main aims are to: firstly, enhance public transport capacity, secondly, segregate cycling from the main traffic flow when possible, thirdly, lower carbon emissions and create a climate-resilient transport system for the future and finally, improve accessibility to jobs and other social and economic opportunities. 

One positive note in the report for Patrick Street, is that the design plans to keep the tree-line on the street which will have a positive influence on the local environment. Also, Nicholas Street and High Street are set to be re-modelled to improve facilities for buses, cyclists and pedestrians. 

The preferred route description would initially affect The Liberties catchment area between Dolphin Road and the South Circular Road, where it is intended to provide one bus lane, one general traffic lane and one cycle track in each direction.  

Between the South Circular Road and Ardee Street, it is proposed to have one bus lane, one general traffic lane and one cycle track in each direction. It is also intended to upgrade the Ardee Street junction with improved pedestrian facilities.  

The draft plan also proposes to modify the junction of Kevin Street and Dean Street, to facilitate improved cycle-way facilities. Dean Street has also experienced problems with road width for bus lanes, so bus priority from St. Luke’s Avenue will be maintained through Signal Controlled Priority.  

Between Dean Street junction and Christchurch Place, it is proposed to have one bus lane, one general traffic lane and one cycle track in each direction and this cross-section will maintain the central median and retain the existing trees.  

To view the Bus Connects plan for yourself, log onto their website and click ‘Core Bus Corridor’.