No Stopping Christmas Shopping

With Christmas time just around the corner, shoppers have been eager to know what’s going to happen when the country is out of level 5 restrictions. 

What shops will be open? What businesses will not be able to continue due to restrictions? What does Christmas shopping look like for Dublin this year? 

Dublin City Council announced last week the Christmas stalls would not operate this year due to ‘health and safety grounds.’ Sadie Grace, chair of the Committee for Casual Trading expressed how she felt the decision was “unfair” and “shortsighted”. If indoor trading can still go ahead, why not outdoor? Luckily, councillors on Dublin City Council have now voted in favour allowing the Christmas stalls to go ahead this year. Although the council have agreed to let the stalls operate, there will be no free parking in Dublin city for shoppers this Christmas. 

Recently, rumours surfaced on social media allegedly stating that Penney’s was going to be open for 24 hours a day and online shopping would become available for Penney’s shoppers soon.  

However, the popular shop confirmed that online shopping will not be happening. Penney’s boss has said it hopes to operate a 24-hour opening time for the lead up to Christmas. Penney’s is set to re-open in Dublin city on December 1st

There have been many uncertainties regarding what will be available for shoppers coming up to Christmas, with businesses closing and some scraping by, it is important to shop local. Social media has been flooded recently with links and lists of local shops and traders for people to show support and purchase from them.