Keeping the lights on – Part 2

Photo credits: Shay Galon

It’s imperative, now more than ever, to keep the local businesses thriving during lockdown. 

In light of current restrictions, it’s even more important for people to stay within their 5km region. Luckily for Dublin 8, there is a range of local restaurants and bars that offer takeaway menus to keep some sense of normality, even if it’s within your own homes.  

The fumbally

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Once a café, The Fumbally has completely transformed the inside into a shop that focuses on fresh produce from local growers and organic imports. Located in Fumbally Lane, off Clanbrasil Street, The Fumbally has adapted its kitchen menu to be takeaway friendly including their ‘Wednesday Dinners’. New additions, which change every week, like their ‘Friday Lasagne’ has also been introduced to warm up those cold winter days.   

“Our local community is more important than ever now,” says Aisling Rogerson, co-owner of The Fumbally, as they aim to cater to what The Liberties want and need during the six-week period lockdown.  

“Everything that we’re doing… we’re trying to make as ‘Level Proof’ as possible, so we don’t get jolted by the government”.

“Making sure that everyone who comes in still feels like they are coming into a community focused place that is here to supply good food and good energy.”

The Fumbally is open Wednesday – Friday and on Saturday with reduced hours. Check out their takeaway menu as well as their famous Harry’s nut butter which is “born and raised” in store.

Bite of life

Photo credits: @biteoflifedublin8 on Instagram 

Located right beside St Patrick’s Cathedral on Patrick’s street, family run restaurant, Bite of Life is another addition to The Liberties and Dublin. After closing during the first lockdown in March, the restaurant opened its doors once again in June with new additions to their business.  

Installing a pizza oven, husband and wife, Jorinde and Conor Rolsma, brings Rome to the heart of Dublin with homemade rectangular sliced pizzas. “Every evening my son and his friends, all students, take over the 4.30-7.30pm slot to make pizzas,” Rolsma explains.  

However, pizza is not the only thing they serve, Bite of Life offers several cakes and coffees to cater for everyone. Adapting to the current times, the owners also created an Instagram (@biteoflifedublin8) to reach all corners of the city. 

Photo credits: “Chef Adam” – @biteoflifedublin8

Although the rush of tourists that the summer usually brings was absent, it allowed the restaurant to connect with locals in the area in a whole new way.  

“It being less busy also gave us more time to chat again with the customers, and really, that is what is all about, the connection,” Jorinde adds. As soon as June came, the locals were the one who filled Patrick’s Street, supporting the neighbouring businesses. Rolsma also explains that the flower shop beside them, Adonis, also reaped the benefits from the community. 

“You could notice people were making a point to support and they would splash out on cakes and really push the boat out, it was and is heart-warming.” 

Although the decision on staying open for the next six weeks remains under consideration, Jorinde and Conor assure that Bite of Life will return in December. 

Luckys Bar

Announcing that the venue will close for six weeks from Wednesday 21 October 2020, Lucky’s Bar is another gem in Meath Street that’s operating a takeaway menu for all pizza and beverage needs, which is also available for delivery.  

The bar, Decent Drinks Club, and the Coke Lane Pizza, have agreed to stay open on reduced hours of 5-10pm, Thursday – Sunday with the hope that it remains open seven days a week for the duration of the six week period. Their sister venue, The Circular, in Rialto is operating the same hours so all of Dublin 8 can get their dose of pizza and drinks. 

They are already taking bookings from December 1st just in time for the Christmas season too! 


Photo credits: Shay Galon

Lastly, in Francis Street, newbie Antisocial has been the life of the party with its takeaway cocktails and smashing toasties fit for every occasion. Their cocktail menu contains all the classics such as Espresso Martinis and the humble Long Island Iced Tea while also offering some unique blends that are only exclusive to Antisocial. If the hunger strikes, then their delicious toastie selection will surely curb any appetite. If those do not get you through the next six weeks, then they also sell 5L Mandarin IPA mini kegs and craft beer cans.  

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