D8RCS welcomes refugee families to Dublin 8

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Across the world, many families are seeking refuge. They are trying to escape poverty, war and other hardships for a better way of life. They must make the most difficult decision they might ever have to make, and that is to leave their home in search of a safer life. 

This is not a simple process, but organisations such as the Dublin 8 refugee Community Sponsorship (D8RCS) canmake it a little easier. 

“Through community sponsorships, refugees who are fleeing conflict and persecution are brought to a safe and secure country like Ireland, where they are fully supported by the local community,” says the D8RCS website. 

The aim of this group is not only bring a refugee family to Ireland, they also want them to feel as wanted and accepted as possible to enable them to build a new, safe life in Dublin 8. 

“We are a group of volunteers in resident of Dublin 8 and we came together towards the end of 2019 and formed a group called Dublin 8 Refugee Community sponsorship,” says Rebecca Keatinge, a member of the committee. 

“Our aim is to bring a refugee family from a refugee camp, most likely from Lebanon and have them settled in Dublin 8 and live in safety and security.” 

Getting a refugee family to Ireland is not a simple process. It requires a team of skilled people who can support the family, such as people who have worked with refugees previously, social workers, and those experienced in finance, technology and communications. 

“We are part of a government sponsored scheme, the Department of Justice initiative. This is one way settling a refugee family into settlement in Ireland and it is done through communities. Communities come together and out in their supports for the family to come and live in Ireland.” says Keatinge. 

To register your interest, an application is put in with the department, then a comprehensive settlement plan is put in place which sets out all the practical supports the family will need, such as health services, schools, and most crucial, housing. 

Along with this and part of the settlement plan you also must prove you have raised a minimum of ten thousand euro and these funds are used to support the family with their resettlement. 

“In terms of identifying the families, that is done by the department of justice to get in contact and interview families interested in being settled into this community sponsorship process and identify families that will be well matched,” says Keatinge. 

“The project then runs for two years when the family arrives. We support the family for that two-year period with their settlement into Dublin 8.” 

With the help and dedication from the community of Dublin 8, the volunteers and the donations, D8RCS has made it possible for refugee families to move to Dublin, along with a safer environment and opportunities they may have never gotten. 

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