Richmond Barracks introduces outdoor tours during Level 3

On 18th September, Taoiseach Micheál Martin announced that Dublin moved into level 3, meaning the introduction of stronger Covid-19-related restrictions.  

Due to these extra restrictions, indoor activities such as pubs, museums and other cultural venues must close unless they are able to facilitate their activities outdoors.  

This has led to many venues closing but has also inspired companies to work with the restrictions. Richmond Barracks, which is run by the Dublin City Council Culture Company, has done just that. Organisers have decided to add an extra two outdoor tours for people to enjoy. 

“Richmond Barracks is a neighbourhood hub that celebrates the rich stories of the local community. It includes a library, workshops, cultural activities, along with a programme of historical tours and talks,” says the Richmond Barracks website. 

The two extra tours that have been added are the Goldenbridge Cemetery tour and the Richmond Barracks to Kilmainham walking tour. 

Photo credit: by Dan Butler courtesy of Dublin City Council Culture Company.

“The tour in Goldenbridge Cemetery is our newest tour. It is a tour of one of the oldest cemetery’s in Dublin,” says Tracey Bardon, Visitor Experience Manager. 

“On the tour you will hear stories of not only well-known people, but stories of ordinary people too. The first person buried in the graveyard was a child and her headstone states that she is. We also have a little boy that was accidentally shot during 1916 by a solider buried here too. We even have very famous rugby players and past Taoisigh.” 

Due to Coronavirus, people are recommended to stay at least six feet away from each other. This means during the tours it must be ensured that social distancing is being practiced. 

“The social distancing during our tours isn’t a problem. We have small numbers, the largest being ten people, meaning there is plenty of space for people to spread out. Our tour guides are brilliant. They have loud, booming voices allowing everyone on the tour to hear what they are saying no matter what,” says Bardon. 

The two outdoor tours are packed with information and history. Along with the Goldenbridge Cemetery tour, the Richmond Barracks to Kilmainham Walking tour includes history of the soldiers that were kept in Richmond Barracks during 1916, how they were marched to Kilmainham Jail and executed, or sent to jail.  

 Photo credit: by Dan Butler courtesy of Dublin City Council Culture Company 

There is also history about famous footballers, architecture, the Spanish civil war and so much more along the walk. 

The tours involve so much history, that every tour can be different. They take just over an hour to complete and even though the tour guides have scripts, they can add in unique and interesting facts of their own. 

“We want people to learn. We want to teach them about history they might have never known. There is so much history connected to this area that is so interesting. It really is a special place,” says Bardon. 

Prices for the Goldenbridge Cemetery Tour and the Richmond Barracks to Kilmainham Walking Tour are €5.00 for children and students, €8.00 for adults and €50.00 for private group tours. They both run twice a day, five days a week. 

         Photo credit: by Dan Butler courtesy of Dublin City Council Culture Company.