€12m for inner-city “COVID Mobility” makeover 

Popular contra-flow cycle lane outside TUDublin’s Bolton Street campus. Photo Credit: Sean Cuttle

Dublin City Council has been working on what it calls “Covid mobility measures”, transforming streets throughout the city to better adapt to living during a pandemic.  

It is funded as part of the government’s stimulus package, which has seen the greater Dublin region receive €27.4 million from the National Transport Authority. €12m is allocated to Dublin City Council.  

The funding was allocated under the Government’s job stimulus package in July. Cycling infrastructure projects are being created to help people transition back into work with reduced public transport available throughout the city.  

The Council has begun the implementation of plans to widen footpaths to allow for better social distancing, and an increase in pedestrianised space throughout the city to allow for outdoor dining.  

“This funding will provide  new and improved facilities for people walking and cycling.”

Included in these measures is the provision for the creation of new cycling lanes throughout the inner-city.   

Segregated cycling lanes are being created using plastic orcas and magic wands, concrete curb protections, and large potted shrubbery to protect the cycle lane from vehicular traffic.  

Work is almost completed on a segregated lane from Bride road to the Royal Canal that will serve cyclists traveling between Harold’s cross and the city-centre.  

Bike rental has also become increasingly popular throughout the city. Photo credit: Sean Cuttle

Cycling advocate group, Dublin Cycling Campaign has welcomed the initiative. It has requested that at least €400k of the funds are spent on creating concrete separators for cycle lanes in the city and €60k on secure bike parking in the Jervis Shopping Centre car park.  

“This funding will provide  new and improved facilities for people walking and cycling. This will create more space for social distancing and provide thousands of Dubliners with new travel options,” the group said in a statement to the press.  

As stipulated by the National Transport Authority, a project must be completed by November 2020 to be awarded funding.  

The deadline for the Council to utilise the funding will mean that there will be an immediate difference for cyclists and pedestrians in the city.