Keeping fit, indoors and out, in a world without gyms

By Sarah Sophia Lindebner

ALTHOUGH gyms have had to close, people are not willing to completely give up working out during quarantine.

With the weather turning nicer these days, a lot of people seem to have discovered their love for jogging. Especially on sunny days there are plenty of runners alongside the canal and in parks, mingling with other pedestrians out and about.

However, not everyone is pleased about this development. People on social media are concerned about social distancing and have been sharing their experiences with joggers who don’t adhere to the rules – and with a few who do.

It is suggested to go on solo runs if possible, but living in the city centre, it is already difficult to keep two metres distance from others.

People are finding other ways to adapt. According to Google Trends, terms like “home workout” have been searched for significantly more since the beginning of quarantine in March.

Across various social media platforms, users are sharing their experiences, whether it is posting their exercise routines to motivate each other or showing how to turn everyday items such as water bottles and backpacks into gym equipment.

Also, businesses have caught on that there is a demand for fitness instructions, despite people not being able to go to regular gyms any longer. Many of them choose to provide their services for free for the time of coronavirus.

Apps for workouts at home such as Down Dog offer free memberships until May, while some personal trainers are making their programs available for everyone for the entire time of the pandemic (e.g.

St Jame’s Gate Health & Fitness in the Liberties is posting home workout routines on Instagram and linking to a full of schedule of live online classes organised by a British group called ‘3d Leisure at Home’, which is also raising funds for the NHS.

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