James’s doctor ‘goes viral’ in appeal for hospital gowns

A RESPIRATORY doctor at St James’s Hospital has appealed to anyone in a position to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) for use by hospital workers.

The appeal, retweeted more than 1,000 times, was made in recent days in a video shared on Twitter by Dr Anne Marie McLaughlin. In subsequents post she thanked those who had already made a donation over the last three weeks and that herself and her colleagues were “extremely grateful”.

Dr McLaughlin said that “in particular, we’re looking for gowns that healthcare workers can wear when visiting patients”.

In the video, Dr McLaughlin said the gowns wanted are “long sleeved and made out of materials which are impermeable to liquid”.

Anyone that may have “such gowns available and you’re in a position to donate them, we would be most grateful.”

Meanwhile, UFC athlete Conor McGregor has donated PPE to various hospitals across Dublin and throughout the country.

McGregor was thanked by Neville Bradley, the PPE donation coordinator for St James’s hospital.

‘The Notorious’ replied to the tweet, saying that “a multitude of nursing homes” were receiving PPE packages from him as well.

An email to get in touch with if you are in a position to donate PPE is