‘Bus Connects’ route consultations extended until autumn

BUS Connects has delayed its public consultation on new bus routes for Dublin until sometime in September.

There was supposed to be a public consultation on  April 17th, but that got pushed back by the lockdown.

Bus Connects is still taking submissions of ideas for the new routes that are being planned at

These public consultations submissions give people in the Liberties the opportunity to help to develop these new bus corridors.

The project will take around ten years to be fully integrated in Dublin.

Bus Connects will eventually replace the current system of Dublin bus provision, making new bus corridors in the city centre and surrounding suburbs.

Two of the new bus corridors will go through the Liberties area.

These new bus corridors will provide public transport users with a quick and efficient way into and around Dublin’s city centre.

The plan is for 16 routes that will be spread across the whole county of Dublin.

Now not all of the routes will be going straight into the city centre, but every route that doesn’t go straight to the city centre will have a connecting route to the city centre.

Four of the routes will need to get two buses to get the city centre.

Another part of this project will be implementing new cycling facilities.

Each new bus corridor will have a cycling lane beside it, but the cycling lanes will be separate from the bus corridors.

Bus Connects says doing this will make it safer for both parties and will make the buses faster.  

Route 7 is one of the routes that is planned to go through the heart of the Liberties: it starts from Liffey Valley and goes to the city centre.

On this route, it will go through James’s Street and Thomas Street, which then will join the city centre traffic management regime.

Another route that is planned for the Liberties area is route 9, which goes from Greenhills to the city centre.

On this route, it will go through Cork Street and all the way past Christchurch.

These routes also change how people in the Liberties will travel out to the suburbs.

To find out more about the new bus corridors you can go to