Distillery tries to keep Liberties spirits high

A LOT of businesses have been greatly affected by the pandemic and local pubs are some of the worst hit.

And along with the pubs, the local whiskey-tourism trail has been closed for business.

But the Dublin Liberties Distillery is busy online bringing the ‘spirit’ of the pub home to the heroes who are in isolation.

The distillery and the Celtic Whiskey Shop have teamed up to host a competition for the heroes of the Covid-19 outbreak. The prize is a bottle of Murder Lane, a limited edition 13-year-old single malt which normally retails at around €160.

The competition was announced on the social media accounts of both businesses, promising “the bottle of the exclusive Murder Lane 13 Year Old Irish Whiskey to someone who really deserves it! Whether it be a job recently lost, or working on the front lines of the healthcare system”.

Nominees should be tagged in the post by friends or family, who give a reason why they deserve the prize. Healthcare works and survivors of Covid-19 have already been nominated.

Lisa Doyle of Quintessential Brands came up with the idea of the competition. “We are not a big company so we are trying to give where we can,” Doyle said. “Most importantly I wanted to support the local shops and heroes around the area during this time.”

Tweet Tasting is another activity the distillery advertised on their Instagram page. The Dublin Liberties Distillery teamed up with a whiskey-enthusiasts site, The Whisky Wire, for this one.

Those chosen to participate were sent a taster of Dubliner Whiskey Beer Cask Set, and on the night of April 29th, the participants will be sending out tweets using the hashtag #DublinerWhiskey to share their thoughts on the different flavours.

It’s also possible to order whiskey direct from the distillery. if you order some whiskey from them, they will deliver directly to your door with free delivery and 10% of each purchase goes to Age Action Ireland, which continues to provide services of care for the elderly.