Tramyard Exchange project moves into Phase 2

New apartments being built on Meath Street

Phase two of the Tramyard Exchange project by Salamisso Developments is currently under way on the corner of Meath Street and Carman’s Hall. 

The development will see 12 apartments built on the corner, along with three penthouse apartments built on top of the existing Tramyard Exchange building, which was constructed in 2017/18. 

Phase one saw 12 apartments built on the corner with prices for the apartments being €310,000 for one-bed units and €395,000 for two-beds, and phase two will retail for the same prices. 

Councillor Tina MacVeigh (People Before Profit) said this pricing isn’t at all affordable for the majority of Dublin residents. 

“Residential building is welcomed and is far better than hotels, but we must stop this pricing,” she said. “It all just pushes up the housing crisis eventually.”

Managing director of Salamisso Developments, Colm Donoghue, said the development is beneficial to the area. “We have chosen the Liberties as we are fully invested in this area,” he said. 

“In addition to our developments, we have engaged with the local community to help assist with local initiatives – one of which was the donation of a community bus to Michael Malin House.”

However, MacVeigh said the development isn’t in the best interest of the local residents. “Housing is welcomed, but it all comes down to the central ideology of is it affordable?” she said. “And if it isn’t, then why isn’t the government doing more to ensure affordable pricing and also rents?”

Salamisso owns a number of other properties on Meath Street and has a lot of future plans for the area. 

“We have recently submitted a planning application for a 261-bed hotel on Engine Alley and Molyneux Yard,” Donoghue said.

The second part of the development has also led to the destruction of the iconic Anne Devlin mural, painted by renowned Dublin artist Maser in 2014, on Carman’s Hall to make way for the build. 

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