Streamable magic off Meath Street

Magic Minds

In a flat just off Meath Street in 2017, Magic Minds podcast was born. “Brain-child” to lifelong Liberties resident Matt Burke, the podcast focuses on telling stories that inspire.

Burke has always had a love for people and their life stories, but his work in the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire has helped to shape his focus on the people he speaks to.  

“For me to look at these people that come through such adversity in their life but still turn up, still achieve greatness that they just don’t see, this would be a platform,” he says. 

Over the 64 episodes released, he has interviewed psychiatrists, psychologists and anyone with an inspirational story. Whether it’s mental health, spirituality or trauma and recovery, each podcast brings something different, yet they are always provocative. 

“It’s a bit like going to Dealz – you wouldn’t know what you might find in it, but you might get some inspiration out of it.”

He wants people to know that these topics are approachable, regardless of who you are or where you’re from, as he’s from the “working class, inner city”. Burke also runs a meditation group on Monday nights, and finds that some men would never even consider going, because meditating has wrongly become seen as “convoluted and high brow”. 

The magic happens in Burke’s flat, which once belonged to his granny. He built a small studio in one of the rooms, equipped with microphones, tripods and lights. To top it off, he has a custom-made Magic Minds backdrop. 

He now records video, as well as audio, on his Huawei (or Howiye, as he likes to call it) smartphone. His friends Josh and Kevin help with the social media and the technical side of things. 

As Burke has lived and worked in the Liberties all his life, he uses the podcast to give back to the area and showcase it. He described the community around him as being “gold dust” and that they’re always up for a bit of craic. 

“People don’t take themselves too seriously, but if you do, you won’t last too long. You’ll be told!”

Over Halloween, Burke took to the streets to ask people of the Liberties what makes the area so magical. Everyone he spoke to mentioned the sense of community and genuineness they felt in the Liberties. 

The love they feel for their area isn’t “territorial”, he says. “I don’t care where you’re from. I just love here, and if everyone just loved where they were…. I sound like Mary Poppins!” 

He hopes to do more pieces like this over Christmas, and plans to take some time off work to get out and get talking to people, with the aim of “promoting the podcast, promoting the area and the people that live in it.”.

“I just love that spontaneity and having the craic because I can think quick on my feet and have the banter with people.”

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