A Guide to Dublin’s Festival Of History

Dublin Festival Of History is currently underway

The Dublin Festival of History is currently under way and runs until Sunday, October 20th.

This year the Festival, organised by Dublin City Libraries, features over 150 exhibitions, tours and walks which all take place in various locations around the city. The festivities are set to include a historical look at housing prices in Dublin, various walking tours of Dublin, the anniversary of the moon landing and much more.

The festival has a number of activities happening in Dublin 8:

·         Dublinia ‘Family Tours’ on October 12th at 11:30am.

·         ‘Housing Crisis 1918-22’ talk with Cathy Scuffil on October 14th in Inchicore Library at 6:30pm.

·    ‘Surgery at the Edward Worth Library’ talk on October 15th in The Edward Worth Library, Dr. Steevens Hospital at 11:00am and 2:00pm.

·         ‘The Forgotten Five: The Afterlives of the Maamtrasna prisoners, 1882-1902’ talk with Margaret Kelleher on October 16th in Kilmainham Gaol at 6:30pm.

·         ‘On the Trail of Forgotten Women in Irish History’ talk with Clodagh Finn on October 17th in Kevin Street Library at 6:30pm.

·         ‘Robert Barton: The Wicklow landlord who became a key struggle for independence, 1918-1922’ talk with John Dredge on October 18th in Richmond Barracks at 11:00am.

·         ‘Dublin: One city, four maps’ talk with Cathy Scuffil on October 18th in The Boardroom, Dr Steevens’ Hospital at 3:00pm.

·         ‘Alternative Kilmainham Gaol’ talk on October 19th and 20th in Kilmainham Gaol at 2:00pm.

Denise Brophy, Executive Director of Dublinia, said, “Dublinia is delighted to be involved with Dublin City Council’s Festival of History again this year.

Located in the heart of Viking and Medieval Dublin Dublinia through its visitor centre, online learning, training programmes and publications plays a leading role in ensuring that the story of Dublin’s Viking and Medieval history and culture continues to be told.

This year Dublinia has arranged a seminar of the international group Destination Viking Association to take place in Dublin to coincide with the Festival of History. Viking seminar will be attended by thirty-eight delegates from nine countries. 

The Festival is funded by Dublin City Council and organised by Dublin City Libraries and is free for all members of the public to attend. Podcasts of the previous years events are available on the website.

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