Spooky Halloween recipes

Hosting a Halloween party this year, or just want to get creative with your trick-or-treat snacks? The Liberty tried and tested some spooky treats for our readers to make at home!

 Spider Brownies


175 grams plain flour

225 grams butter, or margarine

125 grams chocolate with at least 60% cocoa

325 grams caster sugar

4 beaten eggs 

½ teaspoon baking powder

2 teaspoons of vanilla essence

A pinch of salt

Strawberry laces

Cake decorations


Preheat the oven to 160 degrees celsius/ Gas 3. Grease a rectangle tin (and cut shapes out later), or a cupcake tray. 

Melt the butter and chocolate together at a low heat.

After removing it from the heat, add sugar and mix well. 

Add vanilla essence to the beaten eggs and then add to the mixture. 

Sieve flour, salt and baking powder together into the mixture and stir gently. 

Pour into the tin and cook for 40-50 minutes until the top is crusty.

After taking it from the oven, cut circular shapes into the rectangle cake.

Spread melted chocolate on top of the buns.

Cut the laces into small and add 8 legs to half of the buns. 

Place the other half on top.

Add decorations to create a face, or simply red eyes like ours.

Scare your family and friends with this delicious treat!

Frankenstein Squares:

Ingredients – 

3 tablespoons butter

283.50 grams marshmallows

128 grams Rice Krispie

10 drops of yellow food colouring & 10 drops of blue food colouring OR 20 drops or green food colouring

1 large bar of chocolate

  • Leftover cake decorations and laces from the Spider Brownies 


Add the butter and marshmallows in a large pot and stir until they are fully melted.

Add in the food colouring and stir.

Slowly add in the Rice Krispies and stir.

Place the mixture into a rectangle dish and leave to cool for about 30 minutes, inside or outside the fridge.

When solid, pop the mixture out of the dish and cut into equal pieces.

Melt the chocolate and dip the tops of the treats into it.

Lay them down on a plate, tray or on some grease proof paper.

Decorate Frankenstien’s face with leftover chocolate, marshmallows, decorations or laces. Get creative! 

Leave the treats to harden completely (about 20 minutes).


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