Another restoration under way at St Audoens

Situated in the heart of the Liberties, Dublin’s oldest Parish Church of St Audoen, built in 1192, is currently under restoration.

As a result of  years of exposure to the Irish weather, necessary repairs were badly needed due to heavy rainfall, resulting in damage to both the interior and exterior of the building. 

“The main issue was the rain getting in through the stone work, where the pointing had gone,” Canon Mark Gardner said.

The church had already undergone extensive restorations during the 1980s on the bells and the tower; as well as the roof of St Anne’s church and most recently, excavations took place in 1996 in order to preserve certain historical aspects of the church.

“The exterior is almost finished,” Gardner said. “They have just started the final phase now.” Scaffolding can be seen around the exterior of the building as work is being completed on its Medieval tower and roof. 

St Audoens under resoration. Photo by Erin Killoran.

This much needed restoration was made possible due to Dublin City Council and the Church of Ireland. 

“We got €50,000 grant aid from Dublin City Council from what is known as the Heritage fund and also a fund that exists within the Church of Ireland called the Marcus Beresford fund,” Gardner said.The appeals for these grants were made by architect Kevin Blackwood on behalf of the church. 

Gardner praised the craftsmen working on the building: “They’ve really worked very hard and are continuing to do so.” 

This building is not only a place of worship, but of historical significance to the city of Dublin. Therefore, keeping it maintained is essential for both church goers and tourists alike. 

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