The Liberties: a hotspot for fashion.

With summer fast approaching, a new wardrobe is essential for many fashion lovers. However, perhaps this year you should rethink buying your clothes from large multinational retailers and try to think local!

In the Liberties area, there are small, locally-run businesses that cater for all tastes and styles. Whether you’re after a trendy, out there summer look or a more toned down vintage look, you’ll be able to find it in the Liberties.

The popular clothing store ‘MissLibo’ located on Meath Street, Dublin 8 aims to “cater for younger customers to encourage them to come into the area and create a new generation to keep traditions going.” After 25 years on the high street, the retailer recently launched an online option for their store, telling The Liberty “Sometimes online can be busier, it’s the way forward with young people and helps to boost business as it allows us to sell outside of Dublin to people who wouldn’t get up to our shop that often”. MissLibo also mentioned that unlike multinational fashion retailers “we don’t have a problem with larger stores. Our overheads would be a lot lower, so we can afford to sell at competitive prices”.

However, they continued by mentioning the importance of supporting traditional local businesses, “They are needed in every area”. While further stating that the Liberties “has plenty of ladies’ clothing to choose from”, the brand has accumulated a large following on social media where they post photos and updates about their clothing and new arrivals. They also have Instagram influencers such as Ellie Kelly promoting their clothing, making it a heavily sought after brand. The spokesperson for the store stated, “Social media has certainly been a big help for business”.

Supporting local businesses can improve community identity and involvement, it can create local jobs and also allow for diverse and locally made products to be sold whilst simultaneously creating healthy competition.  

If high street fashion is not your thing and you find yourself more interested in vintage or alternative styles, there are a number of clothing stores around that specialise in catering for a more eclectic look. For example, there are many great second hand and vintage stores such as ‘Space Out Sister’ and ‘Dublin Vintage Factory’ in the area too. Other great places to support are local charity shops, where you can find great quality second-hand clothing at a fraction of the retail cost. The list is endless with regards to these thrift stores and can be found on many streets within Dublin 8 area and surrounding areas. These stores help great causes such as Enable Ireland, NCBI and St Vincent De Paul.

Old or young, there is something to suit every taste and every pocket. There is no shortage of alternatives for the fashion conscious consumer and the ethically minded individual with a discerning sense of style.

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