Experience a taste of Italy in the Liberties

Two brand new and exciting eateries have opened their doors on Thomas Street, each offering a stylish and contemporary option for dining in the Liberties.

Proof, one of the newly opened eateries, specializes in fast-fired, great tasting pizzas, while its sister restaurant, Café Bombo, offers a wide range of delicious treats and desserts.

Proof, which opened at the end of March, boasts a variety of pizzas from its appetising menu, including classic and speciality pizzas. It also has a topping bar for when you feel creative and wish to make your own pizza.

Proof first attracted people attention through social media, when its innovative cocktail wall made a bit of buzz online.

They offer an assortment of delicious, mouth-watering cocktails and all of them are served on tap! It includes such drinks as Espresso Martini, Gin & Tonic and much more.

And if you aren’t a huge fan of cocktails, you can always enjoy a wine or lager, which are also served on tap.

Proof chefs worked hard to create a delicious gluten-free base, and vegan options are also available in the pizzeria, so regardless any diet preferences and restrictions anyone can enjoy authentic, fast-fired pizzas.

At the moment, the restaurant is only taking walk-ins, but they are currently working on their website and booking system.

It is open 7 days a week and is a perfect place for lunch or dinner.

However, Italian food experience doesn’t end with pizza.

If you are more of a sweet tooth, their equally appetizing sister restaurant, Café Bombo, which is Dublin’s first ever Bomboloni café, is a must for you!

Bomboloni is an irresistibly light and delicious doughnut, originating from Tuscany, Italy.

First, the doughnut is fried, then it is traditionally stuffed with cream and coated in sugar and toppings.

Café Bombo offers this famous Italian dessert, while also offering a variety of other extravagant desserts, such as sundaes, doughnuts and pastries. And all of these can be enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

Café Bombo’s aesthetics immediately grab your attention with its primarily pink and white palette.

It has gorgeous floral-patterned wallpaper with an old-school booth placed against it, under a bright pink neon sign reading ‘Café Bombo’.

With its delightful desserts and decadent design, Café Bombo is the perfect location for everyone who has a luxury taste or, simply, loves a good Instagram picture.

Located on Thomas Street these two restaurants add a new dimension to the dining experience in the Liberties.

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