Some local playgrounds are in urgent need of upgrades

Recently on social media, residents of the Liberties have spoken out about the lack of and current state of green areas and playgrounds in the Liberties. These parks and communal areas tend to be lacking some upkeep and clearly need some money invested in them to improve the current standard and quality of them.

The park on Braithwaite street, was heavily criticised and labelled as ‘ugly’ and ‘unwelcoming’. The public also complained about the playground surface being concrete, rather than AstroTurf or other soft flooring that would be a lot safer for children to play on. The playground is small and outdated, in dire need of a remodelling.

Speaking to local resident Joe Byrne in Brathwaite park, he stated “I come here quite often with my sons to play football, they like it because it’s never busy…it’s definitely underused, because of the state that it’s in. There is no comparison between this and Weaver Park. Money has been invested into there, that’s what this needs; a revamp.”

The very popular ‘Weaver Park’ is located very close to the park on Braithwaite Street and there is clearly a huge difference between the standard of the two parks. Weaver park opened in late 2017 and had been heavily funded. The playground  is equipped with a fantastic play area with a soft surface, a skate park and a well kept green area.

Byrne also stated “It was great for the community when Weaver opened, we need more places like that. I know this is only small, but I’m sure if it was done up, it would get lots of use”

A reoccuring comment on social media about the situation was that there are a lack of ‘hang out’ areas for teens in the city.

The main issue is the lack of government funding with renovating the play area. The ground needs improving as the concrete is cracked and completely uneven. After reaching out to members at Dublin city council, they were unable to comment on the topic.

However, there is currently a Greening strategy in place which aims to improve the green areas for children and the public, hence the opening of Weaver Park. So perhaps funding may be allocated to this particular playground in the future and will become a more popular play area for families with children or even teens in the coming years.

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