New co-working space set to open its doors this month

CEO of Iconic Offices Joe McGinley
photo credit: personal archive

A new co-working space called The Masonry will be opening on Thomas Street in March.

The repurposing and rejuvenation of this six-floor heritage building will, according to developers ‘Iconic Offices’, “play a major role in the overall regeneration of the Liberties”.

Founder and CEO of Iconic Offices Joe McGinley said the project is the company’s “largest and most innovative project to date”.

When asked about what he feels the co-working space will bring to the area, Mr McGinley said, “From the beginning, our intention has been to create a workspace in the Liberties that brings something new and exciting to the area while honouring the heritage and history of the building.”

“The Liberties was famously known as hub of manufacturing and craft in Dublin, and the Masonry once operated at the heart of it, as a mill and warehouse for the distribution of grain,” said Mr McGinley.

Many features of the old mill have been retained, such as the timber wood floors and exposed brick details.

Mr McGinley also said the space will benefit the local residents and local businesses. “With more footfall and employment, local businesses will benefit from increased sales and prosperity as local workers seek out lunch spots, amenities and after hours entertainment,” he said.

Iconic Offices came about when McGinley set up Bespoke Serviced Offices in 2012, which paired businesses with flexible office space. He admitted there was “no business plan – it all just evolved”.

“I rang an agent about a property on Baggot Street, asking about taking one office, and he said no, I’d have to take the whole building,” remembered Mr McGinley. “The price he was quoting didn’t make sense. It was too low. I immediately leased the building and let it as a flexible workspace, my first personal foray into short-term letting.”

Since then, Bespoke Serviced Offices have become Iconic Offices and they have 14 locations in Dublin’s central business district, with two more opening this year, including the Masonry.

The second part of the Masonry at the rear of the building is set to open in July of this year.

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