‘Feast’ your eyes on fine food and art

Located at the edge of the Liberties, Feast is a modern Michelin recommended restaurant on a quiet corner close to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

Originally located in Dún Laoghaire, Feast recently moved to the heart of Dublin. Sergey Letsko, the owner and manager of Feast, told the Liberty, “You don’t choose the location in Dublin, the location chooses you.”

“There’s lots of competition in the area,” Letsko said. However, the aims of Feast are simple, he added: “Good food, good atmosphere.”

Feast offers its customers a cosy environment covered in contemporary art. Feast currently works alongside Gallery X,  which specialises in figurative and surrealist art.

“The first exhibition was by an Italian artist, he brought it from Venice,” Letsko said. The current exhibition is by local artist Fergal Fitzpatrick.

The display by Fergal Fitzpatrick features blood red skulls, triangles and golden deer head mounts. The mix of dark décor inside with the golden glow of the fairy lights in the window creates an atmosphere that customers are unlikely to forget.

The restaurant recently donated 10% of all takings to the Make-a-Wish foundation. “It was a small idea to help people,” Letsko said about the event.  With hopes to do more charity events like this in the future.

Letsko said: “The last one was a very spontaneous decision. The next one will be organized more in advance with more preparation time.” The restaurant still has a donation box out for customers who would like to give to the charity.

Looking ahead, he hopes that the restaurant will have a bright future in the area. “We are trying to create somewhere that you can bring your family and have space between the tables and accommodate all kinds of people, with no hesitation or inconvenience. 

“The business welcomes locals and we hope to see them here in the future!”

Located in Castle Way, Golden Lane, Feast is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 5:50pm and Sunday from 11am until 4pm.

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