Top 5 Vegan eateries in the Liberties

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Is there a better place for a cup of coffee or a friendly brunch if not Liberties? Even though Veganuary has come to an end, there’s no need to stop now, especially when there is such a variety of plant based food options on our doorstep.

1 Sova Vegan Butcher. This restaurant with its misleading name is one of the most authentic vegan food restaurants in Dublin. The team decided to spice up the world of vegans and remake traditional all time favourite meat dishes into amazing vegan meals. If you thought that doner kebab can only be made with beef think again! Not only vegans but everyone who appreciates great tasting food should visit this restaurant to be inspired by the variety of foods, which is not only healthy but, also, 100 percent cruelty free.

2 Happy Food.

Have you ever thought about a place which has a yoga studios and the juiciest vegan burgers under same roof? Yes, such a place exists. Happy Food which is hidden next to the buzzing Camden Street offers a variety of vegan meals from burgers to buddha bowls and refreshing smoothies. It might be tricky to find, but it’s worth it.

3 @Bernad Shaw Eatyard

Feel like fish and chips? Visit the open eatyard area at Bernard Shaw and try a different approach to classic fish and chips. This time it’s plant based from scratch. Nothing can be better than a cold pint and a mouth-watering “vish and chips”. You want to know what makes this “vish” so tasty? It’s cassava and seaweed that makes the dish so delicious and guilt-free. And while you are there grab a portion of cauliflower wings, you won’t regret it!

4 Aperitivo.

Did you hear the news? Everyday is a Pizza Day! Especially when the pizza is this good. This small restaurant located near Temple Bar offers a full range of stone baked vegan pizzas topped with the creamiest, melt in your mouth vegan cheese. And if this is not enough, just wait for the dessert!

5 Govindas.

If you wish to experience something truly authentic and home made come in to Govinda’s restaurant in Aungier Street. This place which smells divine, not only offers unusual tastes from the far east, but also allows its customers the get closer to Eastern philosophy. A great place for a calm and satisfying lunch or dinner. The restaurant is not only vegan and vegetarian, but also contributes in preventing food waste.

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