Initiatives made Halloween safer

Numerous events organised by the city council this year made for a safer Halloween, according to councilor Tina McVeigh from the People Before Profit Alliance.

“This year in the Dublin South Central area there was a huge amount of activities organised by the council, and the reports stated that there was a lot less pressure on emergency services,” said Cllr McVeigh.

Before Halloween, Cllr McVeigh called for more events, such as fireworks displays, to be organised by Dublin City Council in a previous interview with The Liberty.

“Whether it’s fireworks or something else, I think it’s great that there were so many activities organised that night. And long may it continue,” Said Cllr McVeigh.

According to The Irish Times, over 335 fire-related calls were made to the Dublin Fire Brigade this year, with Halloween traditionally being one of the busiest nights of the year for the fire brigade.

McVeigh believes the City Council could go even further.

“There’s an argument as well for organised bonfires. It’s a road the council doesn’t want to go down. But I think it’s something we need to consider because it is something that people really enjoy on the Halloween night.”

Photo – Dublin Fire Brigade

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