Liberties authorities prepare for Halloween accidents and bonfires


The Dublin Fire Brigade is preparing for Halloween by removing materials from the streets that could be used to make illegal bonfires.

However, the Fire Brigade knows that some materials will slip past. “There are a number of bonfires that take place in the Liberties every year. There’s a certain amount of it that we can’t control,” said Senior Officer Justin Burns from the Dolphin Barn Fire Station, whose district includes the Liberties.

Officers from the Dolphin Barn Fire Station will be patrolling the streets on the 31st to keep an eye on bonfires and firework accidents.

Last Halloween ambulances had to be called to 250 accidents in all of Dublin according to the Irish Times, and as recently as October 7th this year a 14-year-old girl from Cork city was severely injured when fireworks went off in her hand.

According to United Left Councilor for Crumlin-Kimmage Pat Dunne, legally organised fireworks displays could be a way to make the celebrations safer.

“It’s something that people have asked for before. In a few venues around Dublin the City Council should organise monitored fireworks displays.”

Though there are no plans for fireworks displays this year, Councilor Tina McVeigh from the People Before Profit Alliance said she agreed with Dunne.

“My frustration is that every year there’s the same suggestions after Halloween and very rarely are they implemented. Maybe we need to setup a special subgroup that could start planning events like fireworks displays,” she said.

Senior officer Justin Burns at Dublin Fire Brigade expressed similar views.

“A licensed fireworks display organised by a local authority is the ideal situation,” the officer said.

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