Film Review – I Just Need ‘A Simple Favour’


Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is a full-time mommy vlogger with an annoying abundance of energy for life. Emily (Blake Lively) is a glamorous woman who has a dark past and is known as an enigma to the people who are even closest to her.

The film revolves around Stephanie who obsesses over the disappearance of her best friend Emily after she calls her mysteriously one day after asking her for just a “A Simple Favour”. However unknown to Emily, Stephanie will not stop until she discovers the truth about what happened to her.

Stephanie and Emily are the definition of opposites attract in “A Simple Favour” as they quickly become best friends after meeting one another through their children. The two grow close due to their love of martinis and the secrets shared between them.

The film is a thriller and a comedy rolled into one but themes that hang over the film hugely are loneliness and guilt. Even though the two are so different it is interesting how they handle their problems in a similar way. Stephanie is guilty over things that have happened in the past and hides it with a smile and dressing colourfully. Whereas Emily hides by changing her persona to fit the situation she is in and dresses in suits to show she is strong.

Paul Feig is known for bringing out the best in his characters and this film is no different. Kendrick and Lively bounce off each other in a playful way throughout and their chemistry is undeniable. Feig champions female-driven projects and immediately wanted to direct this film as both of the leads were such intricate and delicious characters with an incredible story that he felt had to be shared.

“A Simple Favour” is based on the premise of how far a person can go to get what they want  and how bad they will go in order to get it. A budding friendship which quickly turns into a menacing game of hide and seek is filled with twists and turns that will keep you enthralled until the credits go out.

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