Ireland’s Got Talent : Who’s Tamara Operi?

Tamara Operi. Credit: Marta Dorosh

Tamara is 28 years old and was born in Paris of an Irish mother and Ivorian father – but spent part of her childhood in James’ Street.

“My career started when I was 12,” she says. “I started writing poetry and by the age of 13 I was in recording studios, inspired by great artists like Tupac Shakur, Eminem and The Notorious B.I.G.”

After releasing her first single “What’s your name” in 2003, she started to play in famous venues such as Eamonn Doran’s, in Dublin. “I think the Dublin music scene is so alive and growing everyday,” she says.

“I’m from The Liberties in Dublin, where we have amazing artists like Imelda May. Right now the music scene is so mixed and changing everyday, but at the same time we stay true to ourselves as Dublin artists.”

In 2008, she was recognised on Ireland’s Got Talent by Boyzone member Shane Lynch and managed to make it to the live semi-finals. Almost three years after the competition, in 2011, Tamara began working with British record label, Bakerlane Records to create a seven minute movie soundtrack “Weave through my mind”.

She then decided to fly to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue her artistic career. There, she had the chance to be trained by Jonetta Patton, who is none other than Usher’s mom and manager.

While she was living in Atlanta, Tamara performed in venues like P. Diddy’s restaurant and collaborated with artists such as Raheem The Dream and the producer Young Dro.

“Atlanta taught me the most in my career. I learned the ins and outs of the business of music. A lot of people forget that every artist out there is a business project.”

During her career the singer has participated in many different shows on TV and radio such as RTE1, RTE2, Ireland AM, and TV3. In 2012, she also competed in the UK X Factor, and after that she released a new single called “Ready to fly”.

Last February she decided to take another shot at Ireland’s Got Talent. Wearing a glittering and colourful dress, the young woman managed to get three yes’ to ensure her place on the live semi-finals.

Unfortunately Tamara didn’t make it to the final. But even though Tamara didn’t manage to win the competition, she still thinks it was a positive experience.  

”The show bought me an amazing platform that will keep me very busy for the next few months and possibly years,” she says. “Now I am working on the next adventure, and it will be bigger and better.”

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