Commercial Rowing Club recruiting for summer

Commercial Rowing Club. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Commercial Rowing Club, located in Longmeadows, Islandbridge, are looking to recruit new members interested in the activity just in time for summer.

One of Ireland’s biggest rowing clubs, Commercial has over 150 years of experience producing success both in the national and international field of men and women’s rowing.The club host a beginner’s “Learn2Row” camp every year in May where prospective members, kids and adults, are shown the ropes and given an insight into what the sport is all about.

Becoming a member means training up to five times a week with teammates under the guidance of the best coaches in Irish rowing. Boys and girls of all ages are welcome to tryout. Over the course of your first year as a member, vital traits like speed, strength and endurance will be trained and developed.

Commercial have a terrific record in National Championships, most recently beating Skibbereen in the men’s eight final to take home the gold.

New members must be able to swim for 50 metres in light clothing. In order to join, visit and fill out a Membership Application Form. This form should be printed and submitted to the club secretary.

For more information on becoming a member, contact Jimmy Healy via email at

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