The Fourth Corner is bringing something new and something back to the Liberties

The outside of the new Fourth Corner pub located on Patrick Street in the Liberties. Credit: Aidan Coyle

The Fourth Corner is a new bar open on Patrick Street in the Liberties, on the junction with Kevin Street.

The Fourth Corner officially opened on March 16th. Owner and director of Bedlam Events Jonathan Foley spoke to The Liberty about his decision to locate in the Liberties.

Myself and my business partner (Brian McCarthy) have always had ambitions to open a bar,” said Jonathan Foley. “We have worked in the events business for several years and opening a space of our own was the logical next step.”

“We have had our eye on the location for a number of years and always wondered why it lay vacant for so long as it’s a prime location. Luckily the opportunity arose and we jumped at it.”

As well as serving drinks, the bar also provides high quality food. The Fourth Corner is partners with the Dublin Pizza Company on Aungier Street. “They genuinely supply the best pizza in the city so we are delighted to have them on board,” Foley said.

The name for The Fourth Corner was chosen as a reference to “The Four Corners Of Hell”, which is what the junction where the bar is situated used to be known as. There were formerly pubs on the corners of New Street, Patrick’s Street, Kevin’s Street and Dean Street and the area was notorious for being quite rowdy at closing time.

“We also have four signature cocktails named after the pubs that used to stand on each corner,” Foley said. The four pubs were; Liam Kenny’s on Patrick Street, Quinn’s on Kevin Street, O’Beirne’s on New Street and Lowe’s on Dean Street. They are all closed now but the Fourth Corner is trying to bring a little bit of history back to the Liberties.

Aside from the practical advantages, there is also a personal reason why Foley is happy to have opened in the Liberties. He said: “ My father has also worked in Foley’s Pharmacy on Meath Street for over 30 years and my girlfriend has been living in the Liberties for the past two years so we knew the area very well. The area is full of history and rapidly changing so we are excited to be part of it.”

Although the Fourth Corner has only been open for less than two months, Foley already has one eye on the future.

“For now, we are keeping things simple and focussing on great drinks, conversation and music. We will be introducing live elements soon, watch this space.”

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