Longer Luas Trams introduced to aid overcrowding

Transdev Ireland have introduced new longer LUAS trams in an effort to combat overcrowding on the network.

Overcrowding on the LUAS network has become a sizable problem, as commuters have been unable to board trams around peak times.

The new trams are 55 meters in length, while older LUAS trams are between 40 and 43 metres long. This will allow for 60 additional passengers making a total of 369 passengers per tram.

Seven trams have been purchased in total, two of which are currently in operation, while the remainder of the trams will be phased in over the coming months. Transdev have said they aim to have all seven running by May.

The trams were manufactured in France by Alstom Transport, at a cost of €36.5 million, which are part of the ongoing LUAS Cross City works, which has extended the Green Line. Platforms on the Green Line from St. Stephen’s Green to Sandyford have been upgraded to accommodate the new trams.

Loner Luas Trams to be introduced

Dervla Brophy, a spokesperson for Transdev Ireland, said that the new trams will allow over 25% more passengers than the shorter, older LUAS trams.

Dervla Brophy also said: “When the new trams are all in place and as each tram comes into operation, it is going to alleviate congestion, which will help with the overall passenger experience.”

Although the new trams are expected to ease overcrowding on the LUAS, the new trams currently in operation are causing traffic congestion in some areas such as around O’Connell bridge due to their length.

On O’Connell Bridge, the new trams can stick out and block junctions for other road users.

Chairman of Dublin City Council’s strategic transport committee, Green Party councillor Ciaran Cuffe, said: “In the short term, Minister Ross needs to sit down with Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the National Transport Authority, CIE and Dublin City Council.”

Mr. Cuffe suggested that the removal of taxis at peak times could ease congestion. “The Garda traffic corps should protect crucial yellow boxes on college street from being blocked.”

Mr Cuffe continued: “In the longer term he needs to proceed more quickly with Metro North Plans, Expand the Dublin Bus Fleet, ensure the Bus Connects project is implemented and invest in Dublin Bikes.

“Shane Ross needs to take the bus more often and experience for himself the difficulties hard-pressed commuters face on their journeys to work. He needs to take action to solve the difficulties on our streets.”

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