Wetherspoons for Camden

The popular British pub and hotel chain, J.D Wetherspoons, is to begin development of their new premises on Camden street in February 2018, according to new information obtained by journalists from The Liberty.

The new 96 bedroom hotel will be open in early 2019 if all goes well, incorporating the buildings on 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Camden Street Upper, and including 49, 50 and 51 Camden Street Lower.

The site of the new Wetherspoons

One of the buildings purchased by Wetherspoons was 3 Camden Street Upper, the site of the former Earley & Co studios, the site of the famous stained-glass window designers Thomas and John Earley.

Many people have noticed the protected stained-glass window, behind a grate of steel on Camden Street, directly across the road from the Bleeding Horse. Eddie Gershon, press officer for Wetherspoons, has assured the Liberty that they absolutely plan on preserving and refurbishing both the window and the historical façade of the building.

The buildings were purchased by Wetherspoons in 2014, and will come under a €4 million investment by the chain. This will be Wetherspoons’ first Irish hotel.

The derelict buildings have sat vacant for many years, with the Earley & Co. studios largely unoccupied since 1975.


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