Sean Lock gets laughs and heckles in ‘Keep it Light’ show

British comedian Sean Lock was heckled by an Irish audience when he brought his Keep It Light stand up show to the Olympia Theatre.

The comedian, who played two gigs on the 12th and 13th of November, is well known for being the team captain on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown alongside Jimmy Carr and Jon Richardson.

Sean Lock

Sean Lock

Lock spoke of the public constantly looking at their phones, Brexit (an easier subject for the comedian to joke about in Ireland), experiencing a midlife crisis and his manic ideas for children’s books.

Although funny, the 54-year-old received warm and friendly laughs at the right moments but it was not a show that would have you crying with laughter.

In the second half of the gig, Lock passed comment on how expensive it is to go to the cinema nowadays, how you can easily spend 16 quid on popcorn and be out of pocket.

At this point, a lady in the audience shouted: “That’s how we feel right now”.

A bit harsh, but I couldn’t help agreeing with her just a little. The woman in question totally ruined the rest of Lock’s joke on the expense of the cinema, but he carried on regardless.

Lock was met with a few heckles from the Dublin crowd on the night, although he couldn’t understand what one man was saying, due to his strong Irish accent. Lock’s colleague, Jimmy Carr, is certainly quicker and wittier at comebacks to hecklers.

Keep It Light did make us laugh, but there certainly was an air of disappointment in the room. Some comedians are wiser to stick to comedy panel shows than touring and playing an hour and a half solo show every night.

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