Tommy Tiernan: ‘Under the Influence’

Tommy Tiernan: ‘Under the Influence,’ what a show. His October 6th show in Vicar Street was hilarious and due to popular demand has been announced for an extra three nights at the local venue from December 1-3.

Despite Tiernan being on the scene for many years, the man never fails to entertain. Each line which came from his mouth received laughs.

Tiernan took to stage as loud, thumping music sounds and seven purple coloured, rectangle boards stand as his backdrop. He never has prominent backdrops or props nor does he need them. The man’s wit and utter honest and brutal opinions are what people go to his gigs for.  Tiernan entertained the audience by sharing his comical views on a wide variety of topics. He is adamant that the Irish should take in as many refugees as possible and send them to Leitrim to join the Gaelic team for a hope they may improve. The comedian asks how can one be expected in court to swear under oath to tell the truth on a book of “make-believe” without considering the sheer madness of it. No shock that

Tiernan daringly approached the controversial subject of abortion, agreeing it should be legalised as a mother can choose to terminate a child up until they are the age of eighteen.

Tiernan brings his audience to outrageous reaches of his mind as he considers sex and all it’s glory. Tiernan is disgusted that a human takes pleasure in reaching into the underwear of another human, he detests that it is the dirtiest part of a human and is horrified that we find joy in this. He vividly depicts the ‘sacred’ act, gestures included, and is adamant that is disgusting. This almost sketch ends the gig on a high, with a high bellow of laughs from the audience.

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