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Marcus Haugh

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Having first began writing his own music four years ago, 24 year old Marcus Haugh already sounds like a veteran of the song-writing game. Drawing on influences from contemporary artists, such as Maverick Sabre, and legends like Bob Dylan, Marcus’ voice is like nothing you will have ever heard before. The eerie cooing on his song “Graceland” blended with beautifully haunting lyrics such as “I was born in July, summer seemed bittersweet this time around” makes for a heart-breaking yearn for fleeting adolescence.

While Marcus has yet to record anything of his own composition in a studio, those plans are certainly on the table. In just four short years of making music, he has amassed a catalogue of 125 songs “with maybe 50 good ones, so that’s more than enough for an album” he says. His live performances thus far in his career have primarily been confined to local open-mic nights, however he was invited to play at this summer’s Kahuna festival in Co. Louth with hip-hop acts such as TPM and Bob Standard. Plans are also being laid to continue this venture into hip-hop collaborations, which is a prime example of the ability and diverse quality that Marcus possesses.

While popular music in 2017 is over-saturated with formulaic and generic singer-songwriters, Marcus is a musician whose sound remains unique and individual. His songs can only be described as the songs that you didn’t know your music library was missing until you’ve heard it.

Marcus’ songs can be found at “Marcus Haugh Music” on Facebook and Youtube.


Screaming Giants

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Screaming Giants are four piece alt-rock group composed of former schoolmates turned semi-functional adults, Ryan Byrne, David McKinney, Liam Kennedy and Hugh Loughman. The band was formed under its current moniker in 2011 and played general indie rock songs. However, after taking year out, they returned in 2012 with a new, indescribable sound that lies somewhere on the music spectrum between Queens Of The Stone Age and ABBA.

The band’s debut EP “Found Footage” was recorded on a farm outside Portlaoise and released at the end of last year. Brian Eno once said The Velvet Underground’s debut album “didn’t sell many copies, but everyone who bought one went out and started a band” and the same sentiment could be said of this excellent first output. On “Throb”, the booming guitar echo loops wonderfully in sync with a  pulsating drum beat which brings an immersive atmosphere that bands 20 years their senior are still struggling to find. Heavily influenced by frontmen whose personas transcend their lyrics, such as Tom Waits and Iggy Pop, lead vocalist Hugh “Jazzer” Loughman gravely tone carries genuine weight and impact.

Having grown weary of Battle of the Bands contests due to a lack of competition with their sound, Screaming Giants find themselves struggling to find venues which are suitable for their unique take on distorted guitar rock. Veterans of Fibber’s, having played Dublin’s premier rock venue at least 15 times, the majority of other venues are more geared towards a more acoustic, relaxed sound. This is a genuine shame because as soon as you hears the slick and stylish opening riff of “Shotgun Sexy”, you can’t help but yearn to see it performed live.

With expectations to demo a second EP early next year, Screaming Giants are a band which seem prepared to live up to the expectation of their name. Their artillery of sexy riffs, irresistible drums and vocals like no other come together like a mechanical colossus ready to breathe new life into Dublin’s languishing rock scene.

Screaming Giants can be found on Facebook, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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