Get into your scull-ing

A look at the upcoming ‘sculling ladder’ at the Dublin Commercial Rowing Club






The big rowing competition known as the ‘sculling ladder’ is held each year, beginning on the second Saturday of October, with the aim of promoting sculling among the rowing community in Dublin. The competition is open to all Dublin residents.


The Commercial Rowing Club based in Islandbridge is the largest rowing club in the country and club secretary Jimmy Healy said they are looking forward to entering the competition.


“We have a lot of respect for the Sculling Ladder, we have had success on the men’s side before,” he said. “It’s the first opportunity of the year for all members, especially juniors, to get out and start racing, so we are looking forward to it.”


September is typically viewed as the beginning of the rowing season, and new members, particularly juniors, join the club around now. “A lot of people move to Dublin at this time of year, and they are always welcome,” said Jimmy.


The Commercial Rowing Club has members from under 14s up to adults, and members can train up to six times a week. “In the winter months there would be a lot of work done on the rowing machines, as well as weight training,” said Jimmy. “But we try and get out on the water as much as possible because that’s what has led to a lot of our success.”


Last year the club had approximately 175 members, with the gym facilities open to members all year round. “The club is a melting pot of locals and people like me who have moved to Dublin,” said Jimmy. “It’s a way of meeting people and making lifelong friends. We take it very seriously, the training is hard but the social life is good as well.”

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