Further debates on cannabis use

Future debates on the use of cannabis as a medical drug may take place after a mother received media attention for being held at Dublin Airport with the drug.

The Irish Times reported that Cork woman Vera Twomey was detained at the airport after bringing medicinal cannabis into the country. She intended to use the drug for her daughter who suffers from epileptic fits.

TD Joan Collins, an independent candidate elected to the Dáil for the Dublin South Central areas twice since 2004, spoke to The Liberty on the issue.

“I support the legislation for access to medical cannabis oil. It should be allowed to be subscribed by a consultant or a doctor or a GP for chronic pain relief, Dravet syndrome, epilepsy etc. after other “normal” medication is found not to be working. I believe there should definitely be a debate on the issue.” Collins said.

Dravet syndrome is a rare condition that results in prolonged seizures, and usually begins in the first year of life.

But in regards to legalising cannabis fully for all uses Collins said, “I do not believe this legislation is an opening for general use.”

Concerns lie with the negative impacts the drug may have in areas if fully legalised.

“[The decimalisation of cannabis]  should not be for the drug crime gangs or big drug pushers.” Collins continued.

In a February report by the Minister for Health Simon Harris commented that, “[medicinal cannabis] is something I am eager to progress but I am also obligated to proceed on the basis of the best clinical advice.”

The report also said “There appears to be a significant gap between the public perception of effectiveness and safety, and the regularly requirement for scientific data which is mandatory to determine the role of cannabis as a medicine.”

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