Personal Shopper review

Selected to compete for the Palme d’Or last year at the Cannes Film Festival and co-winner of the Best Director Award for Olivier Assayas, Personal Shopper is now on Irish screens.

The film tells the story of a young woman, Maureen, who is devastated by the death of her twin brother Lewis. Maureen is convinced that he will give her a sign from the afterlife. Between realism and fantasy, nearly horror sometimes, Olivier Assayas takes the audience to a thrilling world of ghosts and hallucinations (or not, that is the point).

Kristen Stewart plays the leading role in her second collaboration with Assayas,  after Sils Maria in 2014. She is the perfect choice to illustrate both pain and mourning. She carries the film until the end, supported by the amazing Lars Eidinger who is both scary and strong.

The beautiful work on the cinematography by Yorick Le Saux enhances them, with a contrast of shades and lights.

The notions of doubt and love between humans are brilliantly questioned here by Olivier Assayas. This gives the spectators some thought about his own experiences and attitudes. The director also approaches the futility of life, through the work of Maureen as she has to choose some clothes for a famous model, while she has no reason to care about this annoying and “bling-bling” job.

Personal Shopper is a deeply moving film, which will surely remain in your memories for days and even months after the viewing.

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