The Liberties Training Centre is celebrating 30 years of hope

The Liberty Training Centre (LTC), which is celebrating its 30th year on Oliver Bond Street, provides help to some of the disadvantaged youth in the area to achieve a brighter future.

The LTC offers training in a variety of courses, such as pre-apprentice engineering and woodwork while other courses include IT and computer skills, catering, and sports with fitness.

 Founded in 1986 the centre is funded by the City of Dublin and Education Board.  With a staffing group of 10 and combined experience of over 100 years,  the centre staff provide a refreshing and upbeat environment for young people who haven’t gained adequate qualifications during their education, and want to better themselves.

“The LTC was set up to help those who went through the education system, but for one reason or another didn’t quite achieve the qualifications they had hoped for.  We provide an option to come to us and work with us, and then to go on to further education or indeed to go on to employment.  Essentially to give a second chance to those young people- giving them a fuller life and the ability to play a more active role in society” explained Joe Gallagher, head of management at the centre.

“Its very encouraging to see people make progress-we’re trying to make sure talents don’t go to waste, and we realise that everybody has different skills”


Cycling in Mullingar // Peter McKenna

Describing a typical day, Joe explains what type of activities students undergo.

“The students would arrive in the morning and go into their separate module classes, after a while they have a break and then would go back into their classes.  They would finish up around 3 o’clock, most of them anyway.  The modules include maths as well.”

The community ties between the centre and the surrounding area remains unwavering.

“We like to think there’s a sense of community in the centre coupled with a friendly and welcoming environment-the support from relatives and families of students is regular and welcomed although we hope to continue raising awareness about the work we do here, to continue helping people realise that they can gain from education all throughout their lives.”

With the recent development of the Liberty training centre’s website and brand it is hoped that more and more young people will begin seeking further education options after passing through the education system, with the knowledge that there are people always willing to help.

The admirable work done in the centre is integral to the communities core.  Joe and the team for the area helping those in need.

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