The Boss Baby: Review

Bringing new light to the age old childhood question “where do babies come from?”, The Boss Baby is a film adaption of the 2010 picture book written and illustrated by Maria Frazee. Directed by Tom McGrath, it’s a fun animation suitable for the whole family.

The Boss Baby is set in a world where babies are ‘manufactured’ rather than born. The story follows Tim (Miles Bakshi) who has two loving parents in Ted (Jimmy Kimmel) and Janice (Lisa Kudrow). One day, The Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) shows up in their home to investigate an important case regarding puppies.

What’s unusual about this movie is that the main plot is not where the main focus or entertainment value lies, but in the relationship development between the main protagonists.

The film is packed with laughter and comedic value for all ages. The way in which Tim explores his imagination through so many creative and eccentric ways is both hilarious and touching.

The overriding theme of this movie is family and relationships. The animated movie reflects how kids genuinely feel about the potential arrival of a new brother or sister. It investigates how parents spread their love amongst their children.

The Boss Baby is a family-friendly or ‘ baby-friendly’ movie for everyone to enjoy

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