The Dublin Cookie Company

Situated on Thomas Street in the Liberties, in an area where family history and heritage are deep within the way of life, especially among local businesses which have been serving the community for decades, the Dublin Cookie Company is definitely a business that stands out from the rest.

The Liberty caught up with one of the owners Elaine and Jenny to find out more about the business and the cookies they make.

“The Dublin Cookie Company was started by myself and my wife Jenny, we started the business a couple of years ago for a few reasons: we wanted to work together, we were both in jobs we weren’t happy with and we both loved food! Jenny has always been amazing at making cookies and everyone loves them, so we thought why not start from there,” explains Elaine.

Elaine and Jenny //The Dublin Cookie Co

Cookies are not the typical food that springs to people’s mind when they think of Irish products and Jenny and Elaine noticed this.

“A lot of people are doing cookies, but not very well and not exclusively. We were looking at cookies at the way Americans look at them – soft and chewy little bites instead of huge typical chocolate chip biscuits. We felt we had something to add, something a bit different.

“One concern we had, was that we didn’t want to be a paddywhackery. We wanted to be the new Dublin, and to be associated with something that was more forward thinking and represent the way Ireland is now.”

With the business plan in mind, all that was needed was the location. What made Jenny and Elaine decide on Thomas Street?

“We were looking for months around the city in different locations. We started walking around here [the Liberties] and we started to notice that this is real Dublin. It’s not the skyscraper corporate Docklands, which is beautiful, but could be any city. You walk around here and get a real sense of Dublin past, present and future. All the character, the stalls on the street and the real sense of community. To us it was the real Dublin in one place. It made sense for us to put our business that had Dublin in the name, in a place that was distinctively Dublin.”

Since moving to the area, how has the business been welcomed by locals?

“These people are the salt of the earth. They did find it funny that we’ve moved in here. But they are thrilled to see people coming into the area. The building we’re in now was derelict for 25 years, it was a butchers before that I believe and then it became a squat and place where crime was committed. The building was an eyesore for the community and a reminder of some of the problems that they had,” says Elaine.

The menu //The Dublin Cookie Company Co

The Cookie Company is one example of how new business in the area are helping the transition of the Liberties.

As Elaine explains, “the area is moving away from being known as the poorer community area, there is a new social demographic coming in with the tourist trade and the digital hub. But hopefully the transition will still keep the good things about the past. For us, we don’t necessarily fit in with most of the business around here but we’re appealing to the new demographic that is coming into the area.”

Now celebrating their first year in the Liberties, what’s the big plan?

“World domination!” laughs Elaine.

“Our plan is to stay here, but we plan on developing our business further, here in Ireland and further afield internationally. Our aim is to be known as a strong Irish product that is portable, and that people recognise as high quality Irish brand.”

After trying one of their cookies (white chocolate and cranberry if you’re interested) it’s safe to say they’re going in the right direction.

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