The Liberties shop front improvement scheme begin taking applications for 2017


The Liberties shop front improvement scheme is currently taking applications for 2017.

The initiative that began two years ago was set up to renovate and improve shop fronts in the local area and across Dublin.

The project now has 16 businesses involved in areas such as Francis Street, Thomas Street and Meath Street.

However, the project has had a slower than anticipated uptake from local businesses with many unaware of its existence.

Sanjay from Leia Clothing, Meath Street, wasn’t aware of the initiative but believes it is a great idea.


She said: “I haven’t actually heard of this yet, there should be some more advertising about it. Lot’s of people shop online so something like this could be a great way of drawing people into the shops.”

Jack Roche, a member of the Liberties Business Forum, says that though the uptake has been slow, there is still a chance for people to get involved.

He added: “I think it’s an excellent idea. I think there maybe needs to be more detail on it, maybe some explanatory leaflets explaining what the costs would be etc… A few people picked up on it but it needs more of a push.

“Things have got really moving, you can see it in Francis Street, Thomas Street and hopefully it will take off more on Meath Street at some stage… Coming into the spring there might be more of an uptake in the program.”

A review of the scheme and local business attitudes found that two-thirds of local businesses consider their shop fronts an important aspect of their business.

John Laurence from Thomas Street availed of the program and is thrilled with the work Dublin City Council has been doing for the area.

“I think it’s good you know. It’ll give the area a lift, it went down over the years,” Lawrence said. “The City Council is pushing for it all the time so hopefully it’ll work out. And the new footpaths they’re putting in, they’ve to finish them off now.


“They’ve got new lights which they never had. I’ve been fighting for new lights for twenty odd years, thirty years maybe. The lights we had were only little bulbs so when you walked up in the winter evenings, the whole street was dark.


“So they put new lamps in and they’re doing the pavements so that’s good. They’re looking after the grants for the shop fronts which I think is fantastic. It’s great to see it happening because it’s a great area.”


The qualifying work includes; painting and decorating fronts, repair and enhancement of fronts, works to upper floors such as window and rainwater goods repair and the input of new shop fronts or changes in current shop fronts.

Applications for the scheme will remain open until March 31st.

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