Review: Aussie BBQ lives up to the hype

Aussie BBQ

Casual, to the point and professional, Aussie BBQ lives up to the hype.


Aussie BBQ is a fast food service located at 5 South Richmond Street, Dublin 2. Upon entry, one will notice it is quite a dark space inside, with breezy music playing in the background. The kitchen and chefs cooking away are exposed to customers which is a nice touch for its function as a casual food service.


The main eating space consists of tables for two and tables for six as well as a bar. The interior decoration features, as expected, an almost over-compensated Australian vibe. Boomerangs and sports jerseys litter the walls.


My visit was on a Friday afternoon, there was no wait for a table and the food only took roughly 15 minutes. The service was easy-going and very modernised, but skilful.


The menu consists mainly of burgers, meat boxes and wraps. I ordered Bonzer BBQ Wings as a starter. Served on a wooden tray, the Bonzer BBQ Wings are garnished with sesame seeds and are a perfect appetiser; clean-cut and easy to eat.


The Cockadoodle Burger consists of two freshly marinated chicken fillets in Cajun spices, topped with melted cheese and caramelised red onions, lettuce and tomato. These were standard enough ingredients for a chicken burger, but it was the delicious in-house Cajun mayonnaise that set Aussie BBQ’s burger aside. Served with Boomerang fries, which were superbly double fried in duck fat and dusted with ‘Boomerang seasoning’.
Aussie BBQ fulfils its role aptly and executes its intentions to the customers fruitfully. With reasonable pricing, if you are looking for somewhere to visit with a bit of haste, Aussie BBQ is a worthwhile destination.

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