Album Review: Little Fictions by Elbow

Elbow's Little Fictions

Elbow’s Little Fictions


Looking back on their musical journey up to now it seems their seventh album, Little Fictions, really portrays the style of music that we have come to know and love as so typically Elbow.

If it is earlier anthems such as “One Day Like This” that brought your attention to this album, then you will likely be disappointed. However, anyone with an ear for music, and an appreciation of lyrics will find themselves enjoying this album.

Even missing their fifth member, drummer Richard Jupp, Little Fictions still fulfils everything we’d expect from an Elbow album; a story layered with languid melodies and echoing vocals. Taking a step on from their 2014 album The Take Off and Landing of Everything, which saw lead vocalist Guy Garvey deal with the turmoil of his relationship with Emma Jane Unsworth, this album celebrates new relationships. Songs such as the album’s single “Magnificent (She Says)” showcasing a more parental element with a string arrangement that settles over you like a warm blanket.


It is without question that Little Fictions focuses on love, be that love lost or love maturing, with songs such as “Trust the Sun” reflecting this, recorded beautifully with a delayed rhythmic opening followed by a simplistic piano base.


The album does not fail to cover the events of the last year and does indeed live up to Guy Garvey’s political voice in “K2” which sees Garvey sing about Brexit. Lyrics such as “Consider the path, It’s full of blood, snot and teeth and the glory of no one” sum up his opinion in a piece of music that moves at its own pace.
Seven albums later it seems apparent that Elbow have no intention of straying from what it is they do best. They focus on the little details to create something that, while not upbeat enough for some, is undeniably special.

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