family of missing Amy Fitzpatrick call on police to re-investigate her disappearance


The family of missing teen Amy Fitzpatrick have called for police to re-investigate her disappearance.


Amy was just 15-years-old when she disappeared from Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa, Spain, on New Year’s Day 2008.


The teen was living with her mum Audrey Fitzpatrick, her stepfather Dave Mahon, and her brother Dean at the time.


Nine years on, Amy’s family have issued a fresh appeal to help find out what really happened to the Dublin girl.


A candlelight vigil was head outside the Dáil on Tuesday, February 7th, to mark what would be Amy’s 25th birthday.


Amy’s aunt Christine Kenny spoke at the event, standing alongside Amy’s father, Christopher Fitzpatrick.


Ms Kenny said: “There are an awful lot of different things that aren’t right in the case.


“Amy had her mobile phone with her over the day. She was with Debbie Rose and Ashley Rose. People have come forward recently and have told that the mobile phone was with Amy.


“Unfortunately people are afraid to talk and they won’t sign statements. I’m asking our government to do something about it as she is an Irish citizen. Children are supposed to be a priority.


“If there is anybody out there that has information, please come forward. Whether they do it on a confidential line, whether they go to their own police in whatever country they’re in, we would appreciate it. We need to get closure. We need to get Amy wherever she is.”


Along with family and friends gathering outside the Dáil for the candlelight vigil, there were some political figures that spoke to the family such as Bríd Smith TD, Councillor John Lyons, Dessie Ellis TD and Denise Mitchell TD.


The gathering was organised by Theresa Kelly, a close family friend.


Ms Kelly said: “I got involved when I saw how it was affecting the family and how upset they were. They’re getting answers from nobody and they need answers nine years down the line.


“We’re here because we want to put pressure on the Guardia Civil because, even though they are saying the case is open, it’s really a cold case after nine years. The whole idea now is to put the focus back on Amy and re-interview all the witnesses because something is out there and somebody knows the truth.
“It’s to get to the truth. It’s something that’s close to my heart and I love the family so if I can do something to help, I will.”

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